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ArtEZ University of the Arts

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design

Arnhem , Netherlands Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Artistic, intellectual and personal growth At ArtEZ, education is focused on students’ artistic, intellectual and personal growth. They are trained in a professional role that closely matches their talent, personality and ambition and they receive support from lecturers who have more than earned their spurs in professional practice. Because of this individual approach, students are well prepared for their future careers as arts and culture professionals.

International Role

The ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design has 42 active student and staff exchange partners, 35 of which they participate with in the Erasmus+ program. They currently have 6 Non-European partners. 20 % international students.

National Role

ArtEZ is rooted in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Located in between the urban agglomeration of the west and the Ruhr Valley of Germany. Because of this location it has strong regional ties.

Main Focus

Fine art and design and teacher training

Faculties and Departments

•ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design •ArtEZ School of Music •ArtEZ Academy of Theatre •ArtEZ School of Dance •ArtEZ Institute of Architecture •ArtEZ Expertise Centre for Arts Education

Bachelor Level Programs

Fine Art – 4 years Product Design– 4 years Graphic Design– 4 years Crossmedia Design– 4 years Design, Art, Technology– 4 years Illustration design– 4 years Animation Design– 4 years Moving Image– 4 years Fashion Design– 4 years Creative Writing– 4 years Fine Art and Design in Education– 4 years Fine Art and Design in Education part-time- On average 2 years Interior Design– 4 years

Master Level Programs

Dutch Art Institute (Master of Fine Art) – 2 years Fashion Design – 2 years Fashion Strategy – 2 years Werkplaats Typografie (Master Typography) – 2 years Architecture part-time – 4 years Interior Architecture-2 years Theatre Practices- 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Art and art education are in a constant state of development. Fresh knowledge and insights are essential here. The ArtEZ professorships add to this process by means of research and theory. Through applied research, students on the Master’s courses also contribute to the development and availability of knowledge. The four ArtEZ professorships form the connection between the international world of the arts and arts education at ArtEZ. Through applied research they contribute to the development and modernisation of our curricula while augmenting the theory that benefits the process of production. ArtEZ students and lecturers are involved as much as possible in this research. For instance, they participate in conducting it and also attend symposia, lectures and workshops. The professors work closely with the ArtEZ Master’s courses; this generates both exchange of knowledge and joint research programmes. External co-operation is also organised that involves, for example, universities, the knowledge networks of professors from different arts institutes and other research partners. The four professorships are: > Fashion Design > Art, Culture & Economy > Theory in the Arts > Education in Arts and Culture

Doctorate Level Programs

No doctoral programs available

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem: Architecture and Interior, Fine Art, Education in Art, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Product design ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Enschede: Fine Art, Crossmedia Design, Moving Image ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle: Architecture and Interior, Education in Art, Animation Design, Comic Design, Graphic Design, Illustration Design.

Application Deadlines

1 april for autumn semester, 1 november for spring semester

Teaching Languages

Dutch and English.

Semester Dates

Autumn semester 1 September- 1 February Spring semester 1 February – 1 July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

The Dutch government advises € 932,87 euro per month as average living costs for students. More information on costs can be found here: https://www.studyinholland.nl/finances/daily-student-expenses-and-cost-of-living-in-holland


Bachelor: 3158
Master: 359

Exchange Students

Incoming: 37
Outgoing: 77

Teaching Staff

Professors: 4
Lectures: 602

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