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Hosting a Cumulus Conference

The Cumulus Secretariat circulates a new call for conference hosts approximately every two years to all members. The next call for proposals to host Cumulus Conferences is late 2021 for the 2023-2025 period. Learn more about how to play an essential role in bringing the next Cumulus Conference to life.

The bidding process is competitive

The selection of hosts always strives to take into account considerations such as academic rigor, immersive learning, innovative formats, and cultural, geographic and institutional diversity.

All proposals undergo a comprehensive review by the Cumulus Executive Board who selects hosts following criteria and considerations articulated in the call’s guidelines.

Call for
Conference Hosts

Learn more about the criteria and benefits for applying to be a Cumulus Conference host.

Contact the Secretariat with expressions of interest

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Benefits for Conference Hosts

Place your home institution at the center of a prestigious showcase dedicated to creating unique learning moments and community-building experiences.

Introduce your home institution and its members to an inspiring set of like-minded peers from around the world.

Highlight and share the latest and greatest work originating from your home institution’s region.

Extend your network by engaging with the diverse set of conference participants – from faculty, researchers, and university leadership to practitioners, artists, students, and more; Cumulus Conferences convene a distinguished group of global stakeholders.

How it Works

Criteria and Bidding Process

Cumulus Conference proposals should balance programming considerations such as:

  • academic rigor (in order to create the opportunity for faculty and researchers in our association to publish their work)
  • experiential learning that showcases the unique regional and cultural diversity of the host institution
  • innovative formats that create spaces for workshops and networking
  • a hybrid component: making available parts of the conference programming virtually is part of all Cumulus conferences in the post-COVID new era, responding to the association’s mandate to expand access to all of its members beyond the constraints and carbon footprint of international travel

Conference proposals undergo a comprehensive review by the Cumulus Executive Board who selects hosts following criteria articulated in the call’s guidelines. While the competitive bidding process makes for unique conferences via diverse people, cultures, and regions, all Cumulus Conferences aim to create learning environments that foster engagement, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

Criteria and Bidding Process
Resourcing a Conference Budget

Cumulus Conferences Hosts are responsible for setting the budget of their event according to their programming vision. Conferences typically take place over 3 to 4 days and operate as non-profit events organized by a single member or a consortium of member institutions and local organizations. Conference delegate fees (independent of Cumulus members’ annual dues) contribute one key source of budget for conference hosts. However, hosts are responsible for fundraising via their own institution and networks for additional financial resources to support their conference’s full execution.

Resourcing a Conference Budget
Partnership with Cumulus Secretariat & Executive Board

The close collaboration of the host with the Secretariat and the Cumulus Executive Board delivers high caliber programming, and optimal impact and reach globally via the Cumulus network. Host institutions are expected to proactively coordinate and communicate with the Secretariat team throughout the planning process of their Conference to ensure quality standards and the integration of ongoing Cumulus programming.

Partnership with Cumulus Secretariat & Executive Board

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