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Assistant Lecturer – Creative Broadcast and Film Production

The Role
The Department offers programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the areas of Creative Leadership Practice, Visual Effects, Digital Animation, Game Art and Design, Creative Media and User Experience Design, Music Production and technology, Creative Broadcast and Film Production.
Limerick School of Art and Design currently has over 1,400 full-time students and provides programmes at Level 6, Level 7, Level 8 Honours Degree, Level 9 Masters Degree taught and research and Level 10 PhD. In addition to the Department of Digital Arts and Media, the Fine Art and Design departments deliver programmes which include Ba’s in Fine Art – Painting, Print, Sculpture and Photography Film Video, Design – Animation, Ceramics, Graphics, Fashion and Textiles. PME in Art Education and MAs in Design and Social Practice.

Candidates must:
• A relevant degree (level 8) with First or Second Class Honours of a recognised third level institution; or equivalent qualification.
• and
Not Less than 3 years relevant post qualification experience
The Institute would particularly welcome applications from candidates with the following qualifications/experience:
• Doctorate (PhD) (highly desirable) or Masters Qualification in a relevant media Discipline
• Previous lecturing experience at third level in the areas of Film history and Theory, Cinematography and lighting, Post Production, Film Graphics and VFX Compositing, Lighting and Art Direction.
• Qualifications/ industry experience in Creative Broadcast and Film Production.
• Experience and knowledge of cultural industries nationally & internationally.

Principal duties and responsibilities
The appointee will play an active role in the academic direction of courses including teaching, research, academic assessment and academic administration. The appointee should carry out such duties as are assigned to them in accordance with collective agreements arrived at from time to time and authorised by the relevant Minister including but not limited to:-
a) Teaching such assigned classes as deemed appropriate by the management of the TU, day or evening, up to 630 hours per annum including supervision of post-graduate students where appropriate. There will be a norm of 18 class contact hours per week, which may be varied by TU management from 16 to 20 following consultation with the Assistant Lecturer. A weighting of 1.25 will apply to hours worked after 6.00 p.m.
(These arrangements are subject to collective agreements arrived at from time to time and authorised by the relevant Minister.
b) Carrying out assessment, monitoring and evaluation of examinations
work, and providing an academic and consultative support to students in their learning activities.
c) Providing academic input on existing and new courses and course
d) Engaging in research, consultancy and development work as
e) Participating in committees appropriate to courses and meetings
convened by management.
f) Maintaining appropriate records and making available information as
required by management.
g) Engaging in promotion including student recruitment as appropriate.
h) Participating in the development, implementation and maintenance of
academic quality assurance arrangements.
i) Participating in appropriate activities necessary to the development of
their department/school and of the Institute.
j) Directing and supervising the work of Tutor/Demonstrator and taking
academic responsibility for the academic standards of this work. When
an Assistant Lecturer is supervising a Tutor/Demonstrator a reduction in teaching hours will be applied on the basis of a one hour reduction per three hours demonstration/tutorials supervised.
k) The performance of these duties will require attendance in addition to class contact hours during the normal working week.
l) The appointee shall carry out the lawful instructions of the President (or authorised Officer) and comply with the requirements and regulations of the relevant Minister.