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Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is one of Germany’s traditional Universities of Art and Design. A distinguishing feature of the Design department is its wide-ranging teaching of the fundamentals of art and design (2D, 3D, process). As an interdisciplinary part, these fundamentals are taught to students across all courses and at all stages of their studies.

We are looking to fill the following position in the Process and Interaction section within Design Fundamentals at the Design department at the earliest possible date:

Professorship Design Fundamentals/Process and Interaction (pay grade W2)

The ideal candidate is a renowned designer of outstanding practical and theoretical competence in the field of process-oriented design, in which relations between space, artefact, intention and interaction are addressed. Teaching experience and didactic aptitude are required.

Methodologically, time, motion, installation and staging are to be integrated in the design practice, and actions should be made comprehensible as designable processes. The development of networked thinking and the sharpening of observation skills are to be promoted, as is an increasing ability to reflect and interpret, which will enable the students to engage in discourse about design that transcends disciplinary boundaries. The students’ interdisciplinary collaboration should lead to the development of relevant assessment criteria with the aim of successively finding their own design position.

The primary objective is to enable students to experience design practice as a multi-faceted and dialogical process. Presenting in different formats – ranging from demonstrations to exhibitions and scenography, from performances to media presentation – is therefore a fundamental part of teaching within this role. The incumbent will be responsible for the organisation of content and personnel of the Process section within Design Fundamentals.

In addition to fulfilling the general appointment requirements according to § 35 HSG LSA, an affinity with topics related to an University of Art and Design, as demonstrated in the incumbent’s biography, is desirable. Active participation in academic self-governance is expected. Teaching is mainly delivered in German.

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is committed to a non-discriminatory hiring policy and values equal opportunities and diversity. It strives to increase the proportion of women and strongly encourages women to apply. Applications from severely disabled persons and persons treated as such will be given preference in cases of equal qualifications and aptitudes. The professorship can be held for a limited or unlimited period of up to five years; this will be decided in the beginning of the appointment procedure. If the professorship is limited in time, the possibility of an unlimited appointment will be examined before the end of the limited term. The salary will be determined in accordance with legal and budgetary requirements.

Applications should specify the position, include the usual documents (curriculum vitae, description of professional career, portfolio of work samples, certified copies of credentials etc.) and be sent in both analogous form and digitally in pdf format (up to 10 MB) by 27th January 2022 to:

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
Rektorat, Ausschreibung Professur GL der Gestaltung / Prozess und Interaktion
Neuwerk 7
06108 Halle (Saale)
[email protected]

more information about the university: www.burg-halle.de

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