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Congratulations to the Beirut Identity winners! You can learn about the winners at Beirut Identity (beirut-id.com) online gallery. 

A big word of appreciation from all of us at Cumulus to the competition organizers: Dr. Dolly Daou, Zareh Sarabian and Nicolas Brouté as well as the prestigious competition jury: Cumulus Honorary President Christian Guellerin, Mariano Alesandro (INDEX Project),  Suné Stassen (Open Design Afrika), Srini Srinivasan (WDO President), Anna Bernagozzi (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), Dr. Fiona Casey (École Supérieure d’Agricultures), Chérine Masri (Agriculturist), Ingrid van der Wacht (Dutch Design Week), and all of the designers who participated in this effort with their submissions.

The aim of the Beirut identity competition was to bring back a sense of joy and highlight resilience to revitalize Beirut and its spirit in the wake of the devastating harbor explosion of 2020. Stay tuned for announcements about the opportunities for collaboration with NGOs that are anticipated as the winners pursue implementation with the Lebanese community.

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