Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

Executive Board


The Cumulus Executive Board (CEB) comprises of the President and 8-10 members. Two of the members are appointed to Vice-Presidents. There can not be more than one member per country, excluding the nationality of the President.


Decision making

The CEB meetings have the quorum when the President or one of the Vice-Presidents and at least half of the CEB members are present. Simple majority of those present make the decisions. The President/Vice-President has the casting vote.


Tasks of the President

The tasks of the President are to lead and represent the Association, to convene meetings of the CEB and the General Assembly (GA) and to chair the meetings of these bodies.


Tasks of the CEB

The CEB meets at least three times per year. It is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the GA and of the policy of the Association, for the planning of its activities, and for the management of its affairs.


The CEB is the principal forum for discussion of the Association’s policy positions on higher education and research, and it makes statements on the behalf of the Association after consultations with the members.


The CEB has also an active role in organising for example conferences, workshops, competitions or exhibitions in various Cumulus coordinated or related projects etc. These activities are to exchange information and experience on matters of common interest to individual or collective members, and to identify and disseminate good practice in higher education institutions.


The CEB members act intensively towards the member institutions and other Cumulus partners.




 Old and new Cumulus Executive Boards: June 2010






From the left: Helmut Lueckenhausen, Annabel Pretty, Lou Yongqi, Eija Salmi, Luisa Collina, Signe Kivi, Fred Murrell, Michael Krohn, Marjolijn Brussaard, Peter Stebbing, Raimo Nikkanen, Jacquelin Otten, P-O Landgren, Cristina Salerno, Virginia Tassinari, Luk van der Hallen, Christian Guellerin.


Photo gallery of the Board activities