Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

02 February 2012

Icograda and Cumulus signed Memorandum of Understanding

Montreal, Canada

Janaury 28, 2012


Photos by Icograda

President of Cumulus Christian Guellerin and President of Icograda Leimei Julia Chiu


Cumulus thanks Icograda!

Memorandum of Understanding between Icograda and Cumulus signed on 28 January 2012

Economic and industrial models are crumbling. Economists everywhere seem to be incapable of not only predicting but solving problems facing countries of today. The exact and objective science of technology which once put its trust into human-based progress becomes suspect. Lastly, globalization, internationalization and the intermingling of people and cultures challenge our cultural references of value and meaning. Morals take a backseat to the Law being our notions of right and wrong, freedom, justice, respect of nature, behavior towards others and oneself , morals are thrown out of balance as a result of different cultural approaches. These contexts are particularly favorable to design. In the face of fear of tomorrow, there is the yearning for values, meaning, and at a greater level, hope for the  future. It is time for design and designers to rethink and reshape tomorrow.

The mission of Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and media is dual:
-      to promote the education and research of design, creation and innovation
-      to promote design as a strategic discipline dedicated to socio-economic matters

The signing of a Memorandum of understanding with Icograda is strategic for our association. We need to tighten our links with design and creation professionals to improve the skills of our students and of our faculty. Joining together with the members of Icograda is an opportunity for our students to exchange, to learn, to project, to identify themselves, so that their designs become more pertinent, desirable and viable. Moreover, it is necessary to combine our strengths to play a political role within the institutions, the companies, the public… and more generally, all those who want a better tomorrow. The designer has a position which is situated somewhere between imagination and innovation. It is essential that students, teachers, researchers and professionals join together to share their ideas and to spread out a spirit of creation. I thank  the President Julia Leimei and the Board of Icograda and all the members for understanding our common interest and let it flourish now and in the future There is no doubt we all people will be clever enough to give this memorandum resonance.

Christian Guellerin
President of Cumulus



President Guellerin visiting Icograda's Secretariat in Montreal, Canada.


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